Our services

Aim to provide a high quality from our trusted partners into the client hands, applying our experience and providing consultations in order to achieve a full satisfaction insuring the customer requirement.   

  • Design civil and governmental project and their implementation.
  • Processing and furnishing lounge and clubs and sports halls.
  • Run lounge and sport clubs in a various size.
  • Interior decoration design.
  • Implementation of government and civil project investment.
  • Building swimming pools and providing all the necessary accessories and parts.
  • Building salt caves.
  • Processing all type of courts.
  • Providing and installing all type of flooring.
  • Maintaining of sport equipment.
  • Providing apparel and footwear and all kind of accessories that related to sports.   

We value our customers and aim to provide an excellent first class service on all occasions. With the customer’s individual needs in mind, we do our very best to find appropriate products for you.

For any advice on our sports equipment or choosing the correct products, please call our sales team and they will be happy to assist you.

Mobile: +966 53 312 4433
Fax : +966 920004323
Email: info@sportteam.com.sa

Our Services