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EZCARAY: Since 1955 it has operated as a cooperative, with all the advantages that this business model implies with regard to the sense of personal responsibility and professionalism which each worker displays in carrying out their work. The structure of our organisation is highly versatile, which allows us to maintain direct control over all the manufacturing processes, from design to the final installation of the seating.

PANATTA: Started in 1982 through the will of Rudy Panatta, a young professor with a passion for body building. The deep and ingrained dedication to this sport and the conviction that body building is quite clearly at the root of improving general athletic abilities in sports, pushed Rudy Panatta into abandoning his academic career in exchange for the study, design, and production of fitness equipment. PANATTA SPORT was born, an artisan shop that has now transformed into a dynamic industrial reality.

IMPLY: We develop technologies for Information and Entertainment systems through intelligent solutions, that meet the demands of a constantly evolving market. With this inspiration as our focus, we are formed by a highly qualified and committed team. The potential to think and develop creative ideas, added to the ISO9001 certification, direct Imply® for quality. That's why Imply® today is synonymous with innovation.

BODYTONE: Since its founding in 1995, Bodytone has experienced professional and human growth. Over time, the team formed by its two founders has increased to reach 35 approximate headquartered in addition to the dozens of people who represent the brand overseas workers today. Meanwhile, the increase in sales and the need for international expansion has made the size Bodytone facilities also increased to reach 60,000 square meters at present, ranging from factory to office and exhibition.

XTREND: fitness Series are the epitome of constant Pursuit of Perfection, which blend high performance with the luxury refinements you would expect from the Top End Commercial Fitness Equipment. More importantly, with Formula One–inspired style featuring sculpted curves and fluid lines, the Series deliver superb looks and performance.

DAPLAST : We have a wide experience in developing custom-made projects and in installing facilities in very diverse premises. This experience has been acquired throughout more than 30 years of activity, in which we have installed more than 2,000,000 seats in more than 1,500 premises, from small rooms to large stadiums.

Thanks to our experience and technical resources we are consolidated as plastic injectors to design and manufacture any plastic piece. There have been many and varied challenges that we have face: product type, condition and dimensions of the bleachers, materials, safety and aesthetic requirements, quantities and tight deadlines, and we have always demonstrated capacity to respond that situates us in the highest levels of professionalism.

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